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The Renovation is Done!

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Finished Kitchen
The renovation is pretty much done, or as done as such things get.   We are extremely pleased with the results of the project.   It is exactly what we envisioned. And the quality of the work is excellent, thanks to the patience and craftsmanship of our general contractor (and artist), John Mueller.

Starting today, we're going to show pictures of the completed project.   We'll alternate displaying the overall house with posts about our experiences with appliances, hardware, plumbing features, and design challenges.

We're going to start by taking a look at our new kitchen.

As you can see, the top picture features the built in refrigerator, can lighting, and built in stove and microwave.

The bottom picture features the laminate counter top, sink, and cabinetry.

The colors in the picture, as is often the case in photographs, are deceptive.    The clay wall color is much more subtle than the glowing orange it appears in the picture.  The black of the appliances and counter top are not the severe contrast that they appear in the picture.

The colors all work together extremely well.

The clay is a continuation of the living room wall color.   The black picks up the black of the VCT tile in the living room.   The green introduces another fun color into our palette.

We owe it all to our wonderful color consultant, Deb Allstott of Home Matters in La Grande.

The sink and appliances are nice, but we are not entirely satisfied with any of them. We'll have more on that later.

We are very pleased with our new layout.   It is so nice to have space between the refrigerator and the range.

What we love perhaps the most are the cabinets which were custom made by Tom Woodruff of Woodruff Custom Furniture and Cabinetry.   He did a wonderful job.   The cabinets matched the style of other cabinetry in the house so everything blends together seamlessly.

We'll have more details about the renovation and more examples of John, Deb, and Tom's work in the weeks ahead.

Stay tuned.

Tom Woodruff - Cabinet Maker Par Excellence

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Tom Woodruff

We are very excited to be working with local cabinet maker Tom Woodruff.

We had quite the challenge finding someone to work with who could meet our specific needs.    We finally heard about Tom through John Mueller, our remodeling contractor who is also a La Grande artist.

Tom makes wonderful custom furniture and art work as well as cabinets.    He generally works on one project at a time and is known for his quality work.    We are really excited about working with him.

We particularly appreciated that he was willing to sit down and patiently work out sizing for specific drawers and cupboards.    He is going out of his way to give us exactly what we want.    We are confident he will be able to implement our vision.

Tom is progressing rapidly on the cabinets as you can see from the pictures on the left.

Very shortly (gulp) our old kitchen will disappear.

If you happen to live in the La Grande area and would like to talk to Tom, here is his contact information:

Woodruff Custom Furniture and Cabinetry
2407 East Q Avenue
La Grande, Oregon 97850
(541) 963-8332

More pictures of cabinets being made by Tom Woodruff

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Here are more pictures of the cabinets Tom Woodruff is in the process of making for us.

Tom Woodruff

Woodruff Custom Furniture and Cabinetry
2407 East Q Avenue
La Grande, Oregon 97850
(541) 963-8332