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Orange Retro Chair

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Floor Tile
This is another of our mid century modern bargain hunting finds.

We found this wonderful retro chair at a garage sale in La Grande for two dollars!   Obviously mid century modern hasn’t caught on in La Grande yet.

The chair appears to be made of some sort of rubber like material.    It does not appear to be plastic.    If anyone could tell us more about his chair it would be appreciated.

As you can see, the chair has a light film over it which may be paint, or possibly from sun exposure.    If anyone knows what might have cause this, and how to clean it up, the information would be greatly appreciated.

Another option we are considering is painting it.    Unfortunately we don’t know what kind of paint would work on this surface.   Anyone got any ideas?


About That Floor.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
Floor Tile
We have been amazed at the number of comments and questions we’ve gotten about our floor.

Interestingly, Anne really didn’t like the floor when we first bought our home. It’s quite a contrast from hardwood floors!

But then we found our dishes!!!

As previously reported, we spotted our dishes in an antique shop in Portland soon after we bought our home.

Anne said, “They match our floor,” and we bought them.

That purchase turned the tide. We began decorating around the black, and Anne now loves the floor.

Gary always did.

Floor Tile

Assumably, our floor is Armstrong vinyl composition tile, the kind they’ve been making forever.

You can see a picture of our dining/living room flooring to the left. Compare our close-up picture with this Armstrong product.

We first thought the floor was original. However, the previous owners of our home told us they had the floor installed to replace worn out wall- to- wall carpeting which was also not original.

As a side note, we may love the floor but we have not been pleased with the heavy chemical smell of the Armstrong floor care products which came with the house.

A lucky accident with Murphy’ s Oil Soap is giving us hope that this product touted for use on wood may actually work as both a cleaner and a polisher for our floor when used in higher concentrations.

Does anyone have ideas for “green” cleaning products that might be even better for this type of floor?

If It’s Kidney-Shaped, It Must Be 50’s

Thursday, January 24th, 2008
Dining Room Table
Part of the fun of bringing our mid century home to life is finding interesting pieces of furniture in unlikely places and at bargain prices.We found this wonderful kidney shaped table at the Classic Consignment Furniture store in Baker City. We were able to buy it for only $25.00.

If you have been following this blog you know we are huge fans of Classic Consignment Furniture. They sometimes have wonderful finds at great prices.

Surprisingly, this was not a love at first sight purchase. It didn’t make much of an impression on us when it was sitting in the consignment store.

However we just couldn’t resist. We figured at that price if it didn’t look good in the living room we could find a functional use for it in the basement, or somewhere.

When we got it into our living room we were delighted!

Once again our house “spoke to us” and said this furniture was perfect.

At Last! We find a dining set!

Friday, December 28th, 2007
Dining Room Table
The living/dining/area of our home is a long open space. We’ve been looking for a dining room table big enough to have company for dinner but not so large as to diminish this open space.The set couldn’t be too formal. The black vinyl composition tile didn’t seem to call for a classic teak set.The set couldn’t be too informal. Chrome dinette sets are too kitschy to be part of our living room.

We didn’t want to buy something new. Modern dining room furniture tends to be over-sized. Plus, we’ve found that furniture from the era tends to settle in and feel just right in our home.

And, we needed to find the set in Eastern Oregon so we didn’t have the challenge of how to get it home.

We finally found something!!!

We were so pleased when we found this mid-century dinette set at Classic Consignment Furniture in Baker City. It fits the space perfectly, has an extra leaf, only cost $125.00, and the whole thing fit in the back of our station wagon.

The chairs have the original Virtue Brothers label (Chair 674) on the bottom. They were a large manufacturer of metal dinette sets including the classic red, green, or yellow marbleized sets with chrome legs.

We’re glad they also made a few sets with black metal legs. Actually, we wonder if the table and chairs are parts of different sets. The table has gold metal in addition to the black and seems to have a slightly different style. Our table is similar to the one in this ebay posting , just rectangular instead of round.

If anyone knows more about the table or chairs, please comment!

And, if you live in the Eastern Oregon area we would strongly recommend checking out Classic Consignment Furniture in Baker City. Their prices are very reasonable and they often get in mid-century modern pieces.

A vintage couch pulls the living room together.

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Our New Couch
We recently had the good fortune of buying this wonderful mid-century couch at an estate sale for $35.00.

It was custom made for the owner in 1964 and was kept in a part of the house where is got little day to day use. The cushions have springs and are really comfortable to sit on.

The couch is in really good shape and we couldn’t believe we got it for that price.

When we got the couch into the living room, it looked as if it belonged there. The scale and style of the couch are just right for our new home.

With the addition of the couch the living room is really coming together. It feels more like home all the time.

We love sitting on our new couch and looking out over the Grande Ronde Valley from our living room.

Life doesn’t get much better than that.