Anne and Gary's
Mid-Century Modern Home

Necessity is the Mother of – Wonderful Bas Relief Wall Art.

wall before and after

To the left are some “before and after” pictures of the wall that separates our kitchen and living/dining room.

The wall was originally solid but someone cut into it to add shallow cupboards.  We didn't care for the cupboards, but we loved the wonderful grained panelling which is also on the fireplace wall at the other end of the room.

This was a major design challenge. We thought about just replacing the grained wall with dry wall but hated to lose this original design feature.

After several years of asking everyone we could think of, we determined the wall was made out of sandblasted plywood.  We subsequently learned that it could not be duplicated.

Modern plywood is not made in a way that can be sandblasted to bring out the grain the way it was in the fifties, so there was no way to replace the wall.

What to do?

We turned to our local artist/contractor John Mueller.  We begin tossing around the idea of filling the openings with repetitive bas relief designs ala Frank Lloyd Wright.

We had seen a house in Atomic Ranch with detailing of this type on the exterior.   However, the particular design did not lend itself to our trio of wall openings.

Then Anne chanced to look at Pam Kueber's wonderful Retro Renovation blog the very day there was a post about Dave's mid century modern wall panels.

Bingo! John took the basic pattern Dave had used and modified the dimensions to work in our openings.   Sculptural artist that he is, he also added several layers of depth.

The panels totally pull the room together.

We love them. Thank you Dave, Pam and John Mueller!

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