Anne and Gary's
Mid-Century Modern Home

Original Boomerangs.

Old Formica

We are almost done with our kitchen/master bedroom/bath project but have decided to hold off showing more pictures until everything is finished.

We decided to do it this way because we don’t want the final presentation to be anti-climactic.   We think it will be more fun doing it this way.

In the mean time, we are going to do some blogs about little things we discovered while doing the renovation.

For example, the picture on the left is of the original counter top that was revealed when the workers were dismantling the old counters.   Obviously, it is the original mid century boomerang patterned Formica!!!    We think it is kind of cool.

At one point, we even considered using the reissued boomerang Formica in our renovation.   We ultimately decided to go with something a little more versatile.

It was fun discovering this bit of history hidden from sight all these years.   This house continues to offer up mysteries that confound and delight us.

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